Bless My Heart

the improvement of a southern girl


One Week Post-Op

Thank you all for the messages and comments that were sent after my last post. They were all very encouraging “virtual hugs” that were much-needed and appreciated. I feel much better just getting the feelings out of my head.

The week has been slow, slow, slow. My pain medication makes me feel better than I really am, so I mess around and pick something up or clean something that I shouldn’t and BAM, back to the couch with an ouch! I’m learning and taking it slower. I try to take the dog on a little walk each morning. The first day we got about 100 ft. Today was the 3 attempt and we got about 2/10 of a mile. Ha! I start with great intentions, but then I feel my belly start aching and we turned around and head home like a barn sour horse. Looking forward to longer walks, though. I think that is key in a good recovery.

I am super excited about it being the weekend now. The Man worked hard all week long, so I was pretty much on my own this week. That was okay during the day, but a 4pm when the girls got off the school bus, it got real – real quick. Last night was a desperate supper of fish sticks and ketchup. Awesome for the girls. Not so awesome for me. We got through it though, and Jerod has promised to help me out as much as he can this weekend. Good man. ๐Ÿ™‚

Things to look forward to:

  • My sister (and BIL) is flying in tomorrow from Oregon. They’ll be here for a week. Whoop, whoop!
  • Cold front is coming in tonight. I expect to wake up to a little more Autumn-ish weather. Is it sad that I’ll probably go to bed early tonight just so I can get to my morning cup of coffee on the deck that much quicker?
  • One week closer to be done with recovery ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m ready to get this behind me and go for a bike ride!


The Long Road of Recovery

I’m here on the couch on my second day home from the hospital. We were released to go home yesterday morning. It is good to be home, but also, it creates complications. The real world is hidden when you are on a hospital bed, but comes crashing down around you when you are back home. The job of being a momma and a wife greets you at the threshold. Yes, I can be told not to worry about those things and to sit down and take it easy, but any woman that has assumed these roles in her life knows that it’s not as “easy” as that. I’m trying.ย 

I feel good until I feel horrible. The medicine makes me sleepy. I move around a little until I feel the freight train hit me. It reminds me that I’m good for nothing right now. My mom brought us lunch and some coworkers brought supper tonight. It’s such a blessing to have people help take care of my little family.ย 

The Man goes back to work tomorrow. I have four weeks to get myself to 100%. I guess I should start by going back to sleep ๐Ÿ™‚ย