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Nut Butters & Dog Devotion

Happy Monday! It was a happy one for me because I am still on vacation, my two girls are home with me, and The Man took off today and tomorrow to be with us (and to do other man things, but I will believe it was just to be with us). He’s a good guy, I think I might keep him.

We each took a youngster and headed out on errands early in the late morning. Remember, we are on vacation. We are sloowww moving creatures right now. I took some Christmas money and tried on dozens of shoes in a couple of stores and finally found me a new pair. They’re Mizuno’s. Ever heard of ’em? Me neither. I’m doing research as I type πŸ™‚ No picture because I forgot until right now, but I run tomorrow so I’ll let you know all about them tomorrow.

Other than shoes (and some laundry), the only other significant thing I did today was make butter.

Nut Butter.

Yum – Eh.

Let’s start with some peanut butter. I have had this bag in my pantry since this summer and it was time to do something with it. I can’t remember how much I picked this up for, but I have a feeling it was on sale at Walmart for $1.50.

Just and ‘ole bag of peanuts. Roasted.

Shelled those suckers watching Dragontails and Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Oh, yeah.

Here’s where the fun starts. I got a new food processor for Christmas. Thank you, Santa. I think I’m in love.

Put the little fellers in and push “ON”. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and about a tablespoon of oil (I used olive) and a pinch of salt.

And there you have it. Peanut Butter. I put it in a plastic container and stuck it in the fridge.

You’d think I’d be done now. But you’d be wrong. The Man got a pretty good present for Christmas this year, too.

I think I was happier than him to see the contents of this lovely bag.

PECANS! Oh, yum. I believed I’ve mentioned before how much I adore pecans. So, I was thinking…. Β “nut butters are so easy, I wonder how pecan butter would turn out?”.

So I shelled ’em and toasted ’em….

And then did my thing with ’em…

Oh, mercy me. This is heaven. I can’t wait to use this many, many, many different ways. I started by smearing it on some spent grain bread (I promise, I’m getting close to telling you what that is, exactly).

So. Good.

And then, since it’s Monday, I proceeded to try to do my deep stretching, as that is what is scheduled for today. I unrolled my floor mat, plopped myself in front of Monday Night Football, and started pretending to be Gumby.


Scout, my 12 year old canine daughter, decided that my mat looked like a pretty good place for her to rest. I thought it was cute at first.

Every time I would shift, she would just move to the spot that just opened up.

We had to have a heart to heart about the matter…

It didn’t seem to work. She just snuggled more.

She’s 12. She’s stubborn. She’s hard-headed. She gets it from her human mother. I got up when I was finished, and two minutes later, this is what I found.

Me too, Scout. I’m tired. Goodnight, y’all.


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A Sunday for the Dogs

Today marks the completion of my first week of half-marathon training and the day of my long run. It was “only” a 4 miler today, and I say “only” because I was up to 6 miles a couple of weeks ago, not because it was easy. I went a different route today and found out that I chose a road with mega hills on it. My butt was aching the entire time. But that’s good I guess, as my butt needs some major work πŸ™‚

I was about .75 miles into the run when I turned a corner and found three dogs staring at me as I approached. Yes, three. A gang. All heads and ears perked up as I got closer and I began to have visions of me being chewed into ground beef on the side of the road. As I got closer, I could definitely see that they were interested in me. I was nervous.

I was almost scared.

And then….

And then….

They all wagged their tails, sniffed me politely as I went by, and proceeded to run the next 3 miles with me.

I couldn’t shake ’em. I thought I did when I turned back and headed the other way. But sure enough, they caught up with me. It was fun. They kept me entertained.

And I know you are wondering how/why I have a video of this??!! My Man bought me an updated ipod nano with the video player for my birthday in September. I was thinking that this was a pointless feature for me on my runs up until today, when I just slid it out and took a little video of my new friends. Thanks, babe. Came in handy after all πŸ™‚

And I’m not telling you what I’ve been eating because, well, goshdarnit, it’s the holidays and I’m eating whatever I want to. Just trying to not completely pig out every day. Running plan is the focus right now, diet will probably be postponed until Dec. 26th. πŸ˜‰