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10k in 6 Days

Note to self – Don’t pick up big terra cotta pots the week before a race EVER. I need to stop thinking I’m She-Ra and get my Man to help me more. To be fair, he did warn me, but I rolled my eyes and heaved and hoed anyway. Been icing my back ever since.

So anyway, it’s the week of my race. It’s coming up fast this Saturday. I had an “easy” 2 mile run scheduled for today, but it not happening with my back feeling like its breaking when I stand up, so I’m skipping today and waiting till Wednesday to run 4-5 miles. I’m not too worried about it because I skipped last Monday’s “easy” 2 miler and did fine for the rest of the week. My body needs rest, and I’ve learned to give in when it calls for it.

It’s been a good training session so far, but I’m looking forward to the completion.

This is my personalized 5 week training plan I got from Runner’s World. It’s a pretty simple way of getting a running schedule to fit whatever you are training for. I recommend it, for ease of use if nothing else.

In other news, I was gifted with some venison hamburger meat today, and this crazy cold weather came up from nowhere, so making chili just had to happen.

I had no recipe, I just threw things that were on hand and on my “diet” in pot.

  • onion/bell pepper/garlic in canola oil
  • pound of venison
  • can of kidney beans, drained
  • two cans of diced tomatoes
  • cumin/chipotle chili powder/ s & p

Hit the spot.

Later, taters.