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I took the girl’s to meet the Man at the local farmer’s market during his lunch break yesterday. We got there right at noon and it was already 100 degrees. Yuck. The heat pretty much took all enthusiasm for shopping for fresh veggies out of my little babies, but I had a ton of fun.

I’m going to make it my goal for the summer to buy the majority of my fruits and veg from the market. Some things are cheaper, some things are more expensive, but you just can’t beat the taste of food that was grown practically in your backyard.  After eyeing the goods, we settled on tomatoes, squash, okra, bell pepper, organic blueberries,  and watermelon. Watermelon is Abby’s absolute favorite food. She salivates just thinking about it.

It was a good looking stash!

Doesn’t it all look tasty? The cucumbers came from my garden that morning. They are decent, but we are not getting enough rain. I’m resorting to watering them with the hose from now on. It’s dry, dry, dry here.

So I thought I would show you what I’m doing with my market foods as I eat ’em up. Today, one of the bell peppers was chopped up and put into this:

I don’t know really what to call this besides Chicken Sausage Rotini. That’s the ingredients, basically. I picked up this sausage from Sam’s and we have been really happy with it. It’s got spinach and asiago cheese mixed in and, besides being high in sodium, has pretty good nutritional stats. Low in fat and high in protein. That’s what we like 🙂

Sauteed the sausage with olive oil (don’t be afraid!) and then cooked down an onion with the pepper. Added some dried oregano, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper. I tossed it all with the pasta in the pan and added fresh cilantro in the last minute. Done. Pretty simple, but hit the spot tonight after our workout 🙂

Speaking of workout, we killed it tonight. 45 minutes of hard lifting followed by some HIIT (high intensity interval training). We went to a field and did 30 sec. sprints followed by 30 sec. rest, 10 reps. It was killer. Followed it with a quarter mile lap of jogging and then a lap cooldown. We will definitely be adding that to the routine from now on.

Thanks for the feedback from some of you on my last post. Sounds like we all need to step out of our turtle shell a little more 🙂

I’m fixing to enjoy some of my market watermelon and watch The Late Show. ‘Night!