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Seven mile Sundays

Holy Freaking Crap! I made it!

7 miles checked off the training to-do list to close out a great week. I really can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short time. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all comes out in February. It’s taking a huge commitment, but I’m getting huge benefits from it.

I told you I was never doing a long run on the roads by my house again (due to the crazy hills I have around here), so I headed to the flatland known as Monroe this morning. I started at the local park and then ran the rest of the route through hoity-toityville. It was a really great run, as most of it was quiet and had little traffic. I stayed mostly on divided roads that had medians and wide shoulders. It was nice to not feel like I was about to get smooshed by someone.

About a mile of the trip was running by this Bayou. It was really calming.

Sorry about my finger alien flying around the bottom there. Hey, I was running 🙂

When I started my run is was about 8:45 and around 34 degrees. And windy. Cold and windy. My favorites! I buckled down into it, though, and sure enough, soon I was good and sweaty and thanking the wind when I turned a corner and it cooled me off. Here’s how I remember it..

  • Mile 1 – Started on top of the river levee. Fun view. Running is easy. My thumbs are cold. Should have brought gloves, but I left them in the car.
  • Mile 2 – Beautiful view of the bayou. I’m liking this run. I’m gonna breeze through this whole thing. First signs of life are older lady in santa-red nighty running out to get her newspaper. See three runners and a walker. Third runner’s pace is so fast it makes me look like a sloth. I have to remind myself that speed doesn’t matter to me. I’m faster than I was on the couch.
  • Mile 3 – Just cruising. Watching priviledged society wake up and start to stir on a lazy Sunday.
  • Mile 4 – Bored. And starting to get hungry. I only had coffee and a Zbar this morning.
  • Mile 5 – Longest mile of the day. Seemed like I was on mile 5 FOREVER. I’m bored and I want to be done.
  • Mile 6 – My hips and butt are starting to fatigue. I’m tired.
  • Mile 7 – I’m tired and sore and painfully slow. I try to perk up my pace to finish strong but I’m afraid of dragging my feet. I’m gonna get this done. I’m gonna do this because I have to. I’m gonna do this because I want to.

As soon as I started walking again, I was painfully cold again. I feel like I need to do plenty of runs while it is super cold, though, with my race day being in late February.

Yeah for big accomplishments! I am proud of myself and am actually looking forward to pushing myself even more on next weekends long run.

After doing a little grocery shopping (rocking my sweaty running clothes, yeah), I headed home and had a late brunch/lunch.

Can’t tell what it is, can you?

Well. Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me introduce you to the best, and yes, I said BEST, peanut butter and banana sandwich that has EVER been made!

Except it’s not peanut butter.

It’s PECAN butter. Remember? I made it only a few days ago. I’ve been wondering how to use it, and today I got a major idea lightbulb. I cut two slices out of my homemade sourdough loaf, spread each side with pecan butter, sliced up a banana, drizzled a slight amount of honey, and grilled it with butter in a cast iron skillet.

Oh. My. God.

This was one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten, much less made. The Man hovered over me when he saw what I was making. I gave him a bite and he immediately went to work making his own.

Now, I’m not gonna say that this was a low calorie “diet” food. But I’ve just about decided that I don’t want to live that way. I want to eat food. Enjoy food. Exercise. Be healthy. And I’m gonna see if I can lose a little weight at the same time. It’s not about deprivation, it’s about being smart. Being balanced. And, most of all I think..  Being happy.

And this sandwich made me very, very happy 🙂