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The Oregon Trail, Day 2

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We left out of Amarillo at 7am sharp. Well, actually 8, but it quickly turned to 7 at the state line so let’s just go with that. We settled into “the zone” quick and the biggest disappointment of the day for me was seeing this just as I drive past, not stopping. I should have stopped.

Take note, that is NOT my photo… As I did not screech the behemoth truck to a stop and U-y over the East bound lane to get a better look.

I just kept going. And she fell asleep.

Photo cred comes from this pretty good write up here.

Just as soon as she fell asleep, I spotted a pretty little herd of antelope (pronghorn) near the road. This made me happy and I knew that I would get to see much more wildlife all day long.

I was so wrong.

I saw nothing. Not even cows again till the late evening. Nothing wants to live in New Mexico. Nothing.

The first gas stop was in Temecula, which is apparently THE town for Route 66 memorabilia. I snapped a few pics while we cruised to the Flying J truck stop. I have them on Instagram here and here.

Then, it was boring. For a long time. Albuquerque was ok… But nothing notable. Mom was snoozing again so I didn’t want to stop anyway. I just plugged along, staring at stuff like this for a loooong time.


And then, the Petrified Forest National Park came along. For time’s sake, I’ll just post the pictures without descriptions. I thought everything was so interesting, though. I highly recommend it!

IMG_3708 IMG_3696 IMG_3694 IMG_3688 IMG_3682 IMG_3680 IMG_3670 IMG_3669 IMG_3668

We rolled into Flagstaff right at dusk a d it was an exhausting day. 14 hours in the road with all the stops and side trips. Yikes!

Looking forward to the Grand Canyon!


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