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Chugging along

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Added a new page to my blog. “Workouts”. Will be posting a log to keep up with what I’m doing. Main focus right now is strength training (trying to tone up for those impending summer shorts!), and high-intensity cardio on the treadmill. Doing a lot of intervals by moving my pace up into the 9:00 per mile zone. It’s leaving me feeling sore and spent but on a major endorphin high 🙂

I’m also doing my best to work more water and less coffee into my system everyday. This is a battle, although I have found that substituting green tea has worked. Mmmm. Hot tea with a teaspoon of honey – does the trick.


Author: blessmyheart

I'm like any other 30-something woman that works full time as a teacher, has two kids, a husband, 3 pets, and has battled cancer. ...among other things. I have things to say, sometimes. This is where I say them.

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