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So I’m still sick, but after four days of no activity and poor nutrition, by the early afternoon yesterday I was itching to sweat. After doing it for so long now, it’s true, I actually start to miss it after a few days. That in itself is pretty funny, because I’m never really having a blast while I’m running. I guess it’s me missing the way I feel after I’m done. I definitely experience “the runner’s high” after most of my runs. It feels good to get completely soaked in sweat and feel like you’ve just won a battle with yourself. Empowering.

Yesterday’s run was a 5 miler. I went to the gym again and did it on the treadmill. Still boring as all hell, but I’m getting used to it. My gym has not yet figured out how to lower the thermostat, though. Smothering. I would much rather be outside running in the 30’s than suffocating in a stuffy high 60’s. Oh well. A benefit to treadmill running is that I can keep a steady pace, and it’s been faster than out on the road. Right now I’m running at 5.0 mph (or a 12:00), but if I’m feeling good I’ll do a tempo mile or two at 5.2 (11:34ish). This should help me tremendously during the half.

Another positive note is that my body seems to be recovering much faster now. The first time I ran 5 miles I felt it for days and days after and iced every single joint/muscle in my legs and back. After last night’s run I popped two advil and iced my feet and was done. Feeling much better nowadays 🙂

Ooh…. I just remembered…  I am experiencing a new kind of pain here lately, though. Chafing! Ugh! And not in that I’m-too-fat-and-my-legs-are-rubbing-together sort of way. That USED to be the problem, but now…  now…. I’m getting abused by my clothes! During the 9-miler my sports bra did a number on me, and after last night my arm is raw where my shirt was rubbing. It’s always something new, isn’t it?!


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I'm like any other 30-something woman that works full time as a teacher, has two kids, a husband, 3 pets, and has battled cancer. ...among other things. I have things to say, sometimes. This is where I say them.

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