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January One



I celebrated my personal new year by running 3.5 miles today.. Woot! Combined with Tuesday’s 3.5 miler at the gym, I’m on schedule for the first week since starting my training. Here’s the kicker though – I’m supposed to run 7 miles on Sunday!!!! Ack!!! I’m trying not to work myself up about it. Let’s think about that later πŸ˜‰

Things have been good around here. I’ve been eating some really good food. Here’s a sampler…

A nice fresh omelet The Man made me for breakfast one day. Leftover brown rice/black beans. Sauteed onions and bell peppers. Topped with grated Romano cheese and parsley. Yum.

A couple of lunches were toasted bread and hummus, with a carrot or two on the side. Simple and perfect.

And of course today we had black-eyed peas and cornbread. Had to slip a little andouille sausage in there. I think andouille is becoming a staple in our house. And I’m okay with that, by the way.

So that’s a little of what I’ve been eating. Simple. Homemade. Well.

Ha. That’s it. That’s the way I want to think about food. I want it to be simple. Not in the ingredient list necessarily, but the way I look at each meal. As simply a meal. Not something I have to scarf down and pile in my face as much as possible, but something to “simply” enjoy and move on.

Homemade. I can absolutely say that between The Man and I, we can make anything we care to eat and have it taste twice as good as it would at a restaurant. We’re good, and getting better all the time.

Well. To eat good ingredients. To have them fuel me instead of fool me. To not eat just calories, but to eat nutrients. My body is already thanking me.

In order to eat this way, the first thing I had to to was get an idea of what food I actually had. I don’t know about you, but around here we get in the habit of only looking on the surface of the freezer or the pantry, not knowing what all lies behind. I took a few hours one day and took everything out of

  1. the freezer
  2. the pantry cabinets
  3. the deep freezer

I scribbled everything down as I went through it. Cleaning and organizing as I did.

Then, the slight OCD-er that I am, entered it into my computer and made a list we could keep on the fridge.

Yes. That says “goose, frog legs, and squirrels”, and you see the “ves” of “doves” right at the bottom. I will only willingly eat one of those, and that is doves. The rest… The Man. His kill, his dinner.

The numbers beside the food tell me how much we have, and as we use it, we will mark it off. This has been so great so far. So much easier to get dinner ideas when you don’t have to remember what you have! I recommend this to everybody. And to be honest, the main reason I did this is so we can use up what we have and not buy unnecessary items at the grocery store. Trying to save $$.

Whew. Time to go to bed. My cross training tomorrow will consist of cleaning out my closet and painting my bedroom πŸ™‚ Got to get some rest!


Author: blessmyheart

I'm like any other 30-something woman that works full time as a teacher, has two kids, a husband, 3 pets, and has battled cancer. ...among other things. I have things to say, sometimes. This is where I say them.

3 thoughts on “January One

  1. No offense, but at first your blog read “psycho.”
    After thinking about it, you are just totally on board.

    I am moved by your inspirational proof. I think you might have a book deal on your hands! Mrs. Holland’s Opus meets Julie/Julia! Well, minus the deaf kid…

    Good job!

  2. Wow!!! Love, love, love ur blog! Maybe I’ll try this or maybe I’ll just continue watching u do it!HA! Love the organization of your pantry/freezer. Brillant!

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